Wednesday, April 28, 2004
Social homework for April 28

Ebert talked about the small little details that Japanese animation uses to describe a plot or story. What small details did you learn about World War 2 from the movie?

Before I watched the movie, I didn't know that the Americans did anything else but drop bombs on Japan, but now I know that they dropped the fire things. (Sorry, I don't know what they are called!) I learned that lots of people died not just from the bomb, but from the after effects... like the acid rain and from getting sick. I didn't know that they had such a hard life, I didn't even know what kind of life they had, I had never really thought about it before.

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Wednesday, March 31, 2004
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[   The kingdom of God is not a place; it is a way of living. When we live the way God wants us to live, we are living in the kingdom of God.

[   We call Jesus “Lord” because he is the one who is “in charge” of the kingdom. He makes it possible for us to share in the joy of the kingdom.

[   When we call Jesus “Lord” we agree to see right and wrong the way he does.

[   We can find true freedom and happiness only by living our lives according to God’s way. God’s way is not the way of quick, easy answers, but of genuine and patient love.

[   The devil tempted Jesus to give up God’s way and take a shortcut to fame and power. Jesus chose to stay faithful to God.

[   True happiness is found in building loving relationships.

[   If we wish to live in the kingdom of God, we must first love God and other people. We must not let a desire for possessions, popularity or power take over out lives.

[   Parables challenge us to think in new ways and to look at our own attitudes and actions in new ways.

[   Parables draw us into the mystery of the kingdom of God, a mystery that is greater than the human mind can understand.

[   The kingdom of God is not competing with each other. It is about unity and sharing in joy.

[   Every action I take for God’s kingdom will have an effect that goes far beyond me.

[   When we prayer the Lord’s Prayer, we show both our wish to live according to God’s way and our need for God’s help to live according to God’s way.

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Tuesday, March 30, 2004

Japan Definitions


[    The 4 Tigers are the Asian countries of South Korea, Singapore, Taiwan and the city of Hong Kong. They are called the “Tigers” because their economics have expanded rapidly within the last 30 years and are now strong.

[    Abalone is a large shelled sea creature that is edible.

[    Alienation is the feeling of not belonging.

[    Amassed means piled up, accumulated.

[    Ancestor Worship Is an awe and love for both one’s family name and for one’s grandparents, great-grandparents, great-great grandparents, and so on.

[    Apathy is the feeling that nothing is worth caring about

[    Armistice is a truce, or a stop to fighting.

[    Assembly Lines have people who work side-by-side in factories. Each person has only one job to do, which he or she does over and over again. As the product moves down the assembly line, the next worker completes the next task in the process. By the time the product has reached the end of the assembly line, it has been completely put together.

[    Automation refers to using equipment that can function by itself, without human labor. Robots are an example of automation.

[    Benevolence is a word that means kindness, generosity and charity.

[    Buddhism is a religion which teaches how to meditate and follows the ideas of Buddha, who lived between 563 and 483 BCE.

[    Cartels are groups of producers who work together to gain a monopoly on the market by using such techniques as fixed prices and restricting production. A monopoly occurs when only one or a few companies control an industry.

[    Civil War is a war between citizens within one country.

[    Communal Spirit is a feeling that grows when a group of people work together and feel that they belong together.

[    Competitive Advantage describes a situation in which two products compete against each other. The one that does better than the other is said to have the competitive advantage.

[    Confrontation is an open clash between opposing individuals or groups.

[     Confucianism is a religion that teaches people to respect life and to respect their parents and ancestors. It is based on the teachings of Confucius, who lived from 551 to 479 BCE.

[     Constitutional Monarchy is a form of government in which the ruler (king, queen, emperor, empress) has only the powers given to him or her by the constitution and laws of the country. The ruler is called a constitutional monarch.

[     Controversial means open to debate or conflict

[     Cost efficiency means that products are made without wasting any time or money.

[     Cultivate means to develop and improve something

[     Culture is what makes one group or people different from another group of people.

[      Deference is the respect one shows for other people.

[     Deities are gods or goddesses

[     Depopulated means that many of the people who lived in a an area moved away leaving the area with fewer people.

[     Economic Sanctions are measures used by country to prevent other countries from doing things that they do not approve of.

[     Economy originally referred to as management. Rules and government of a household. When talking about the economy of a country, you are referring to the way that a country conducts business and industry and manages its money.

[     Enterprise family describes the family feeling in a company when the employer makes his or her employees feel like they are all part of a same family.

[     Entrance exams are tests that all students must take to gain admission to a college or university in Japan.

[     Eurasia is the area of land that includes both Europe and Asia.

[     Fascist person or group that believes in the political idea that the state’s needs should be given priority over the individual’s needs.

[     Feudal system, is a system in which an emperor rules and protects all the people in his land as long as they promise to serve and obey him.  

[     Fusuma are sliding doors that separate rooms in a traditional Japanese home and they are usually decorated with pictures and patterns.

[     Futons are Japanese beds.

[     The Great Depression refers to the economic collapse of the western countries such as Canada, the US, Britain and Germany. The great depression began when the stock market crashed in 1929.

[     Gross Domestic Product refers to the value assigned to the goods and services that a nation has bought during a given year.

[     Harmonious refers to a condition on which things fit together in a balanced and beautiful way.

[     Hierarchical way of ordering things puts important things at the top and the fewer things at the bottom.

[     Imports are the products that one country buys from another.

[     Indochina is a term referring to the entire south East Asian peninsula consisting of Myanmar, Malaysia, Thailand, Laos, Cambodia and Vietnam.

[     Industrial Revolution began in Britain in the late 1700’s when people began to invent machines to help them do their work. The machines increased the production of food and other goods, causing industries to develop.

[     Internal Problems are problems that occur within companies.

[     Introspection describes the way that a person examines how he or she is feeling.

[     Irrigation the first of the artificial watering of land usually done to promote the growth of crops.

[     Juku are private after-school lessons.

[     Kaiso is a type of seaweed.

[     Marugakae is a japans word describing the relationship between workers and bosses.

[     Mediterranean Conditions refers to the climate conditions like hose found around the Mediterranean Sea.

[     Minamata is the name both of a bay in Japan and a sickness that afflicted people who lived near the bay. The sickness began when people ate fish that contain mercury, which is poisonous.

[     Modest a modest person is someone who does not overstate his or her virtues.

[     Monsoons are strong winds that blow from one direction in summer and from another direction in winter.

[     National character describes the way that people in a country behave.

[     Nationalism refers to pride in and loyalty to your country.

[     Nostalgic means wishing that things were the way they were in the past.

[     A Nuclear Family is a family that has a father, a mother and children.

[     Ocean Currents are great streams of water that move through the ocean.

[     Organic Mercury is a poisonous substance that manufacturing companies produce as waste material.

[     Pensions are regular payments to people who do not earn salaries.

[     Post-war refers to the period in time after any war.

[     Precipitation is any form of water that falls to the earth, including snow, rain, sleet and hail.

[     Private firms are companies owned by individuals or group of individuals instead of the government. A company that is owned by the government is called a public firm.

[     Private sector is the part of a communities economy consisting of businesses owned by individuals or groups of individuals instead of the government.

[     Protectionism describes he policy that countries have to protect their industries from competition with foreign countries.

[     Purity cleanliness, innocence or fairness.

[     Quarantine refers to the act of being isolated to other people in order to prevent the spread of infectious disease.

[     Quinine Is a drug obtained from the bark of a tree.

[     Recession is   a period in which the economy of a country or countries slows down temporarily.

[     Romanization refers to the Japanese word being converted from Kanji or Kana to the roman alphabet.

[     Rubber stamping is a phrase referring to approving something without much thought or without the power to refuse

[     Sake is a Japanese drink made from rice

[     Samurai a class of people who were originally warriors, who later became teachers.

[     Second Class Citizens refers to a group of people who are not given the same respect and perhaps rights that others are given.

[     Seishinseii is a Japanese word for sincerity.

[     Seniority is a statues that people earn from their experience, their long working record or their age.

[     Shinto is Japans main religion.

[     Showgun was the leader of the Samurai.

[     Social Welfare Programs are usually government-controlled programs that are set up to help people or who have little money or are ill.

[     Staple crop is the basic, most dependable crop grown in the country.

[     Strategic bombing refers to planned and organized bombing of specific targets

[     Tariff is a duty that the government places on imported or exported goods.

[     Tatami are woven straw hats that are used on the floors of Japanese homes.

[     Technical training refers to training in technology based jobs.

[     Temperate zone refers to two regions in the middle latitudes north and south of the equator.

[     Tolerant allow people to be as they are without judging them or condemning them

[     Typhoon means great wind. They are strong winds that form over the Pacific Ocean.

[     Unemployment refers to the state of not having a job

[     Universal Salvation refers to the religious belief that every person can be saved from evil

[     Urbanized means that an area has become more like a town or city than like a rural or country setting

Zaibatsu are the great holding companies in Japan based on family ties. A holding company is a company that owns stocks or bonds of other companies and therefore often controls them.  

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Monday, March 29, 2004
Giving something up

When I give something up for lent, I normally give up candy or chocolate or junk food or something. I think that giving it up did benefit me. After Lent was over, I learned to enjoy it more, because I didn't get it as often. I also appreciated it more when I got it back. So I think that giving something up does benefit.

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Tuesday, March 16, 2004
Social AND Religion homework....


Why do you think that Jesus had so many titles- why did they change

I think that Jesus had so many titles because different people thought that Jesus had different personalities and did different things. Some people thought that he was a rabbi, and some thought him a priest. Some people think that he is everything, so they call him Son of God. But the other people think that he hsould only have one title, and so that is what they call him. The titles changed because different people called him different things.


From the info in Unit 1- how is the climate and land different in Japan than Canada?

Well, the climate in Japan, they said is warm. It is about 8 to 15 degrees I think they said. That is not warmer than in Canada in the summer, though. Our temperature is higher. But our temperature is lower than that is the winter. The cities in Japan are really cramped together. The buildings in teh cities are really close together, and in calgary they are WAy more spaced out. In Japan they said that they only have one mountain, Mount Fuji, which isn't really a mountain, it's a volcanoe. In Canada, we have tons of mountains. Although, we have no volcanoes.

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Wednesday, March 10, 2004
Going against the crowd

Well, i can;t remember any time that i did that.. (hehe) but a movie that i can think of is: Radio. Because Radio is mental, and everyone judges them before they know him, and they make fun of him and do really mean stuff to him. (ie taping him up and making him go into the girls' washroom) They all did this because they didn't know him, and if they were nice to him, then other people would make fun of them. But the coach was different. He stuck up for Radio and was really kind to him. When Radio would be standing at the gates watching the players practice football, the coach would give him water, and then drive him home. Later on, he let him go onto the field when they were practicing and let him help out. The coach also let him go to the games. After that, he even let him go on to the field first at games. When football season was over, he let him help out with basketball, and let him stay at the school while he taught. No one else had ever been so kind to Radio before. At first, people thought that the coach was weird, being nice to a mental person, but then they realized that he had a good heart. (They partly realized that, when Radio gave all his Christmas presents away to people.) But the coach helped everyone see that Radio was not a bad person, and that they should give him another chance. If the coach had have went along with the crowd, then Radio would not now be so highly respected, and would not be a football coach.

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Wednesday, February 18, 2004


1. culture - a way of life shared by a group of people

2. immigrants- people who come from other countries to live in Canada

3. multicultural- refers to the fact that Canada is a country of many different cultures

4. racism- occurs when people are not treated fairly because of their cultural or ethnic differences

5. traditions- are beliefs,values,,stories, and ways of doing things that are passed on to us from our ancestors , they form our cultural heritage.

6. ethnic group-a group of people sharing the same traditions and the same background

7. aboriginal- refers to the original or earliest know inhabitants of a country, in the Canadian constitutions, the term aboriginal people refers to the native, metis, and Inuit peoples of Canada

8. bilingual- is the ability to speak two languages

9. genealogy- the study of family history by tracing ancestors back in time

10. census- is a statistic survey of a population. It is usually an official survey done by the government, in Canada, census information is collected every five years, because it has to be tabulated , the information does not reach the public for a few years after that.
as a result , the statistics are always some what out-of-date
A census contains much information that helps people to understand trends in the population

11. prejudice- is pre-judging, usually unfavorably, the actions or characteristics of a group of people based on the actions of only a few members of that group

12. stereotype- is a belief about a person or group of people that does not recognize individual differences

13. discrimination- is a behavior that is based on prejudice attitudes and beliefs

14. values- are beliefs and ways of doing things that are considered important, either by an individual or by an entire culture

15. treaties- are legal agreements negotiated between two or more nations

16. Indian act- a law by which the federal government regulates native peoples affairs in Canada , the first Indian act was passed in 1876 but it has changed many times since

17. self-government- is a right claimed by aboriginal people to control their own education,legal,justice, and social systems

18. list of rights- is a list of demeaned the provisional metis government presented to the federal government in 1869

19. assimilation- is what happens when one culture group absorbs the characteristics of another, in the case of aboriginal peoples , the government tried force them to assimilate. Sometimes assimilation can happen naturally and voluntarily

20. mainstream culture – comprises the values and traditions of the majority

21. segregated-means being separate or apart

22. united empire loyalists- were American colonists who stayed loyal to Britain during the American revolution. Many thousand came north to live in Canada

23. refugee- is defined by the united nations as ‘a person with a well-found fear of persecution based on race, religion. Nationally , social group , or political opinion”

24. displace persons- are people left homeless in their own country as a result of war, famine, or a political disturbance

25. self-determination- is the right to make your own decisions about what is best for your community

26. employment equity- is a government program that attempts to make sure that jobs are open

27. Canadian citizenship act-describes who may become a citizen of Canada

28. citizenship- means belonging to and participating in your society, your country,, your province and your community

29. multiculturalism-refers to a county that has many distinct cultures existing side by side. It also refers to the federal government legislation that encourages this diversity, and helps to make sure that no one suffers discrimination due to their culture or ethics background

30. rights-are things which people are entitled. many rights are protected by law.

31. responsibilities-are obligations that we owe to other people and to our community.

32. unanimously- meant that everyone is in a complete agreement

33. anthropologists-are people who study other cultures

34. allophone-refers to someone who speaks an language other than French or English  

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Thursday, February 05, 2004
religion Questions

What do you think God looks like?
I don't think that God really looks like anything. He is probobaly just kind of there. No one has really seen him. He's talked thorugh a burning bush and through just a voice, so I don't really think he has a form.

What and how does God create?
God creates life, plants and animals, day and night, and light and dark. He creates these by simply saying that they are there. Like when he says let there be light, there is just light and when he says let there be humans or whatever they just appear.

How is what God makes different than what other people make?
What God makes, no one else can make. Nothing that he makes is man made. We cannot make trees and animals or night and day.

God gave us the world and asked us to care for it. How are we handling this task and why?
We are not handling the task very well. We have polluted the air, made some animals extinct and supposedly if we pollute the air alot, then we will break one of the layers of the atmosphere. So I don't think that we really kept our promise for God and we making it worse and worse every day.

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Wednesday, January 28, 2004
WHich movie I like best

The movie that i liked the most out of those 5 was the first one with the cartoon sqares and circles and everything. I liked it because it was really cute, and was the one that was least violent. Like in the one where the two guys were fighting over the flower, that was a little too weird. And the japanese ones where it talked about the bomb being dropped and everything was kinda grusome becuase of all the pictures and stuff, and i also thought that the first one was more fun!

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Monday, January 26, 2004

education- the methods by which a group passes on its culture to the young
communication- the means by which people share information and ideas as they learn their culture
basic needs- the physical, social and psychological needs shared by all humans
behavior- a way of acting or conducting oneself
fad- an item or idea that is highly popular for a short time
family- two or more people living together as a unit
Nomads- a culture in which people move from place to place in order to have pasture for their animals or be near food and water supplies
aztecs- central america
language- the spoken or written speech which is shared by a particular group
media- the means of communication which include tellivison, books, etc
perception- our understanding of the information we recieve from the environment through our senses
Point of view- the particualr way in which an individual feels, sees, hears and understands; a person's attitude or outlook
recreation- leasure activites and sports
majority- the most people in a group that are the same
minority- the people in a group that stand out
shelter- wher you live
rural- a community located in the country
urban- a community in a part of a twon or city
socialization- the ways which people learn to belong in a clutre. Interaction with others

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